Sun Sugar Farms

In July 2016, I wrote an article for the Northern Kentucky Tribune about Linda Fritz and Sun Sugar Farms. About eight years ago, Linda, a high-profile engineer turned stay-at-home mom and part-time marketing consultant, began growing edamame. At first, this was only a love affair with an exciting new Japanese food that she tried in a restaurant. Linda’s interest, however, soon turned into a passion.

As the years went by, Sun Sugar Farms grew into a full-scale farming operation. Although still run from the Fritz’s family home in Verona, Kentucky, the farm produces edamame, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños and even sun flowers. Many of these products can be found at local grocery stores.

Linda is serious about her commitment to the environment and the community. While Sun Sugar Farms doesn’t have the paperwork required to be labeled organic, all of the crops are grown sustainably. Linda uses recycled reusable grocery bags to tie up tomato plants, she puts down old cardboard boxes between rows of plants to keep out weeds and she never uses pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds.

After having tasted the delicious edamame and tomatoes, I can say that this attention to detail and commitment to sustainability really makes a difference on the quality of the produce.

Linda regularly donates her beans to local schools and gives talks to children about the importance of eating healthy. What’s more, she has even had kids come to her at various agriculture shows and events and beg their parents to purchase edamame. They tried it at school, loved it and are now hooked.

Recently, Sun Sugar Farms has started investing in other realms of sustainability. Their Cresbi Crate system – a reusable, collapsable, portable, plastic and multi-purpose crate – has been wildly successful, garnering customers from across the country. They also produce eco-friendly takeout containers and other products.

To read the full piece and discover more about Sun Sugar Farms, Linda Fritz and the story behind the Cresbi Crate, click the link here to the article.


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