Roebling Point Books & Coffee

On Monday, August 15, I interviewed local author Donna Vitucci at Roebling Point Books & Coffee for a Northern Kentucky Tribune article on her recent novel and her work at the Covington Ladies Home. This was the first time I had ever been to Roebling Point, and I was delightfully impressed with the atmosphere and the great coffee.

Located just south of the Roebling Suspension Bridge in Covington, Kentucky, the coffeehouse is nestled along the tree-lined streets of the Licking-Riverside Historic District. The atmosphere of the neighborhood is both vibrant and relaxed, with plenty of quiet homes and busy restaurants.

Roebling Point offers a wide selection of coffee and coffee-flavored drinks, and they also serve teas and baked goods as well. I tried the Guatemalan roast – which was smooth and medium-bodied – and I was left pleasantly satisfied.

What makes the coffee shop unique, however, is the interior. There are three main sitting areas on the ground floor, two of which are filled with books, couches and chairs, and one of which houses a children’s area. There is also upstairs and outside seating as well.

Along the many rows of bookcases, one can find a huge selection of novels, non-fiction, poetry and periodicals worthy of a small library. They even carry the works of local writers like Donna. Patrons to the shop are encouraged to settle down into one of the comfortable sofas and grab something to read, all the while enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee.

Roebling Point has also cemented itself as a cornerstone of the local arts community by hosting book clubs, poetry readings, concerts and book signings and readings.

The refined and cozy atmosphere of Roebling Point Books & Coffee is an excellent place to relax, sip a warm brew and enjoy the finer things in life. Because of its central location in the heart of downtown Covington, it also makes a great jumping off point for a day of exploring the streets of this quaint town just across the river from the big city.


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