Fresh Table

Fresh Table is the hidden gem of Cincinnati’s farm-to-table food scene. Located at the Race Street entrance of Findlay Market, this unassuming vendor features some of the best quality food in the Queen City.

When my wife and I moved to Cincinnati in the summer of 2014, we did most of our grocery shopping at Findlay Market. Over the past couple of years, we have seen the market continually get more and more crowded on the weekends, and we’ve noticed a shift in focus from high quality produce and meat vendors to artisanal purveyors of craft goods.

For these reasons, we don’t do much shopping at Findlay anymore. Nevertheless, a few vendors at the market still call our name, and whenever we have a hankering for top-notch organic food we always give Fresh Table a visit.

In 2009, the restaurant was founded with the mission of providing Cincinnatians with sustainable, local and affordable organic food in a simple and unpretentious setting. Since then, the owners have seen great success with their restaurant and catering service, so much so that they plan to open Epicurean Mercantile – an urban organic grocery store – in downtown Cincinnati in September.

In addition to its use of outstanding ingredients, Fresh Table also sets itself apart with its selection of food. While the restaurant offers a limited selection of entrées, soups and chili, the reason my wife and I visit is for the lunch special. Each day, the kitchen prepares a different array of delicious salads, and for nine dollars, you can pick any three. As I found out this past Tuesday, though, the special extends all day, so you don’t just have to stop by for lunch.

Although the restaurant calls its selection of options “salads,” these aren’t you’re typical lettuce and dressing dishes. Instead, Fresh Table has a variety of antipastos, chicken and egg salads, fruit salads, salmon and tuna salads, roasted vegetable medleys and noodle salads. Also, the selection spans a host of different cuisines, so you can indulge in the flavors of Latin America, India, Italy and Greece alongside of American standards.

For dinner this past Tuesday, my wife chose the Greek Tuna, Baja Chicken and Curry Chicken salads, and I opted for the Antipasta Salad as well as the Greek Tuna and Curry Chicken salads. Since we took our meals to-go, we didn’t get drinks, but they have an excellent selection of Steez brand teas if you’re in need of a beverage.

As always, the food was exquisite. Although my favorite thing about Fresh Table is its commitment to sustainability, the taste of the food is a very close second. The flavors are always well balanced, each ingredient comes through and nothing is too heavy or overpowering.

For instance, the tuna salad includes red onion and brined olives alongside generous chunks of fish to give a salty and tangy element to this usually bland dish. And, instead of mayo, this tuna salad has red bell pepper to add just a touch of sweetness. Additionally, all of their sauces – for dishes like the Baja Chicken Salad and the Curry Chicken Salad – are relatively light, and they never smother the taste of the individual ingredients.

Overall, Fresh Table is an excellent restaurant, and I can honestly say that I’ve never eaten a bad bite there. For high quality and locally sourced organic food, the price can’t be beat either. Although the portions aren’t huge, they are always filling and satisfying.

I hope you enjoy eating at Fresh Table too!


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