One of Cincinnati’s premier fine dining fixtures – Mita’s – offers guests an escape into the exotic and elegant flavors of Latin America. Featuring South American comfort food classics like pozole and upscale eats such as blue marlin ceviche, Mita’s stands at the forefront of Cincinnati’s culinary arts scene.

In February, I had the luxury of reviewing Mita’s for Date Night Cincinnati. Although this was my last review for the publication, I couldn’t image going out on a better note. Led by James Beard nominated Chef Jose Salazar and offering one of the few tapas menus in town, Mita’s has captivated mine and my wife’s taste buds since we first dined there last year.

With excellent skyline views and a stunning Moorish themed interior, the sights at Mita’s are nearly as exciting as the tastes, making it feel almost too cosmopolitan and chic for the Queen City. For those looking beyond thriftiness towards higher-end gourmand delights, there is no better place to indulge than at Mita’s.

For the full review, click here!


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