About Me

I’m Anthony Wyatt, a writer and food-lover looking to share these passions with the world. From recipes and restaurant reviews to money saving grocery tips and in-depth stories about local farms, I hope to inspire others to get out, sit down and dig in.

I started cooking when I was a kid, making experimental lunches for myself during summer break. When my wife and I married in 2014 and moved to Cincinnati, we began to foray into more complex and diverse culinary challenges. Sometimes we use recipes, but mostly we let our tastebuds run wild, creating dishes that we both love.

We are both deeply committed to eating sustainable, organic food, and given our tight budget, we have had to get creative about ways we could shop both conscientiously and cheaply.  My hope is that the various tips offered in this blog will help other young, poor foodies realize their own cooking potentials without compromising their morals.

Finally, what would a foodie be without going out and experiencing all the wonderful tastes the world has to offer? My wife and I are always seeking out new restaurants, looking for hidden gems, ethnic experiences and gastronomic delights. I’m not a pretentious eater and I’m no trained chef, but I am excited about sharing my restaurant experiences and encouraging others to try new flavors.

Although I have a graduate degree in literature, I have always enjoyed journalism. I have worked for The Crusader Newspaper of Belmont Abbey College as a writer, Assistant Editor and Editor-In-Chief; I have served as an interim staff writer for the High County Press in Boone, NC; and I worked as a freelance writer for the Northern Kentucky Tribune and KyForward.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading, and I hope you give the restaurants, tips and recipes a try. And remember, always stay hungry!